Realistic Phaser

Game Arena

Hit Sensors

Arena Lights,
Fog & Music 

Urban Apocalypse
Battle Zone

Game Pricing

Individual Gameplay

20 MINUTE – $14.00

40 MINUTE – $20.00

60 MINUTE – $28.00

Taxes Extra

Private Groups, Parties & Events

$300 – 60 MINUTE

$220 – 40 MINUTE

Cabana Rentals

Rent Cabanas by the HOUR or for the DAY.

After an exciting game of LaserTag, continue the fun and excitement with everyone at our Cabana Party Room rental, which offers a special private booking time to share food, fun and gifts (not included)

Cabana Party Room provides a beautiful outdoor setting including a storage unit, fridge/freezer, lounge seating and picnic tables (2), under a colourful fun 15×15-tent

30+ Game Modes

Capture the Flag,
Zombies, Free-for-All,
Hot Potato and
many more….

State of the Art Technology

Futuristic style, Multi-point hit sensors, Vibrating grips
Glow-in-the-Dark Black, Selfie Camera, Lights, Fog & Music

Urban Apocalypse Theming

After an alien invasion, life as we’ve come to know it has ceased to exist. With your phaser loaded, shield vest locked, immerse yourself in action-packed game play modes that are set against an urban apocalypse backdrop


40 & 60 Minute
Private Bookings

Email us with your
preferred date and time inquiry